6 Reasons Why Wine Makes the Perfect Gift:

There's a wine out there for every occasion

Wine is appreciated at any event. Whether for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas present or anything else, there is always a wine to celebrate the occasion!

Choosing the right wine can show you care

Whether it’s vegetarian wine for a veggie friend or your spouse’s favorite pinot, taking time to choose the perfect wine for someone is a great way to show how well you know them and that you care.

A certain vintage to celebrate a certain year
Wedding, anniversary, birth year or birthday, giving a wine to match the year can be a wonderfully personal way to make someone feel special.
Wine is the perfect gift to bring to a dinner party
If you’re invited to dinner, bring a bottle of wine as a gift for your hosts. Choosing a wine that will compliment the meal will show how much you appreciate their efforts.
Wine is a fantastic gift because it can keep for years
There’s no pressure to open a wine right away. Any wine will keep for up to a year unopened, and many will be better after a couple of years. So, unlike food, the recipient doesn’t have to feel rushed to consume it.
Wine is designed to be shared with loved ones
It’s a fact that our environment and mood impact how we perceive taste, and memories of tastes and smells can last years. Wine is often drunk socially, so with wine, you’re giving the opportunity to create lasting memories.

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