Perfect for a Sunday Roast

A special occasion deserves good wine, and getting the family or friends all together for a meal I consider to be a special occasion, indeed. Roast beef or lamb are among the most wine-friendly foods out there and pair exceptionally well with a rich Syrah or spicy Cabernet. You can serve either red or white with roast chicken or pork (or why not rosé in the summer?). In fact, a good roast chicken can provide the perfect backdrop for some of the best wines. Try a complex Pinot noir or oaked Chardonnay. Salmon also pairs beautifully with red or rosé containing Pinot noir, although I like to serve it with either an English sparkler or dry Riesling. For vegetarians, roast mushrooms, stuffed peppers and pasta bakes all go well with Grenache blends. Roast potatoes, root vegetables and cauliflower cheese are great with a spicy Bacchus. And of course, you can’t forget dessert… vintage Port is my go-to.

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